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Outdoor Monitor

Sustainable Outdoor solution with durable display parts for DID

Our innovative design provides customers with a wide range of LED displays to meet the needs of a wide variety of applications with very high resolution for supporting the big outdoor public and commercial advertisement.  From communicating information to enhancing ambiance, Our Outdoor display is the ideal complement to any retail store, lobby, control room, or other professional application. It also features wide operating temperatures to withstand extreme weather conditions.



    Through a special relationship with various LCD makers including LG, SAMSUNG, AUO, BOE, Support the Best quality & high resolution with good quality for outdoor monitor solution.

    Using high brightness tuning technology of ADPS, Outdoor display can support the up to 5,000cd.

    Support for telemetry and commands via RS-232 and Ethernet even if the monitor is far from the control tower.

    Customers can select the design according to their needs not only frame type between panel mount & open frame But also the portrait or landscape version.

    Rugged enough to endure harsh environmental elements, It is enough to withstand various weather conditions while maintaining a vivid picture quality whatever application it is.

    Customers can select the design according to their needs not only frame type between panel mount & open frame But also the portrait or landscape version.
  • Long life display using ADPS's special high brightness LED technology.
  • It can be available in a variety of mounting options including Open frame, panel mount, KIT with a slim & simple design for the user.
  • Each high brightness display undergoes a rigorous multistage QA process and is accompanied by a Product Quality Report (extent varies)
  • Brightness Auto-dimming function according to the environment.
  • Our LED backlight enables optimal viewing in all lighting conditions.
  • Applicable Options : Open Frame / Panel Mount / AR & AG Coating / Optical Bonding / Touch (P-CAP, Resistive, Capacitive, SAW, IR) / Waterproof

Available Size

Size Model Resolution Brightness Contrast Power
Feature Request
32" MHL320WS 1920x1200 2000cd 1300:1 140W 89/89, 89/89  
43" MHL430 1920x1080 1000cd 1100:1 55W 89/89, 89/89  
46" LTI460HZ01 1920x1080 5000cd 4000:1 319W 89/89, 89/89  
46" LTI460HF01 1920x1080 2500cd 5000:1 271.8W 89/89, 89/89  
48" LTI480HN01 1920x1080 700cd 4000:1 TBD 89/89, 89/89  
49" LD490EUN-UHA1 1920x1080 700cd 1300:1 101.1W 89/89, 89/89  
55" LTI550HF04 1920x1080 2500cd 5000:1 372.4W 89/89, 89/89  
65" LD650EUF-FHB1 1920x1080 450cd 1300:1 83.81W 89/89, 89/89  
65" ND650DUD-SADX1 1920x1080 2500cd 1300:1 405W 89/89, 89/89  
75" LTI750HF01 1920x1080 2500cd 5000:1 TBD 89/89, 89/89  
75" ND750DUD-SAFX1 1920x1080 2500cd 5000:1 690W 89/89, 89/89  
84" ND840DQD-SADX1 3840x2160 2500cd 1400:1 1668W 89/89, 89/89  

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