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Who we are

Who We Are

We are total display solutions provider including LCD, TV, Parts, Harness and moreover smart home application.

The best company for supplying top quality, reliable products to our customers.



We are total display solutions provider including LCD, TV, Parts, Harness and smart home application provider. We have optimum knowledge and experience of every product supplied.

ADPS leads the rapidly-changing display market through our exceptional quality and very highly engineered products.

We provide the best-customized design and function through OEM & ODM process and accumulated Know-how. Also, Our Display Solutions have the abilities to offer customers significant performance advantages in the marketplace, together with significant cost and lead-time reduction.

We have according to the global market as USA and China and Europe, such as the UK, Spain, Germany, Turkey. ADPS can offer them technology-intensive products at reasonable price and provide various displays not only High Brightness displays such as Outdoor display, Medical display, Digital Signage but also Industrial displays like Open frame & Panel mount displays and Total TV solutions.

We always open to customer requests to fit the specified design and applications such as modifying electronics, mechanical design, firmware (software) and functions. ADPS pride ourselves on providing products through partially and fully customized solutions and long-term availability.



ADPS is making its efforts to create a world-class OEM/ODM brand in the industrial display market. We are focusing to take up a technologically leading position by the means of innovative display solutions as well as by our know-how. ADPS is committed to providing the best products and service to the customers through our experience and constant effort.


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